Vibrato Book Series 2 The Unspoken Secrets

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Wondering why your vibrato isn't working?

The biggest struggle for students is knowing exactly what to do for a good vibrato. If they knew exactly what to do, and how to do it, they wouldn't struggle so much.

I found traditional vibrato teaching words were not clear enough for me. I had plenty of flexibility and muscle control. And I could do all of the traditional training exercises too. But I still didn't have a decent vibrato. It was frustrating.

The problem was that even after the traditional exercises, I still didn't know exactly how to move my hand and fingers to make a nice vibrato.

The correct motions were still unspoken secrets that hadn't been explained to me.

I eventually turned to my physics knowledge to figure out what was going on. And the unmatched clarity of a physics revealed the unspoken secrets of vibrato motion to me for the first time.‚Äč

I wrote this book to solve that problem of clarity for other students. This book does explain The Unspoken Secrets of vibrato motion, in a precise and easy-to-understand way.

It delivers explanations of vibrato motions with unmatched clarity. That means you don't have to worry. The words and concepts are easy to understand.

After reading this book, you will know exactly what to aim for, and exactly what to do to make a nice vibrato.

Revealed for the first time, in the first and only book series totally devoted to violin vibrato.

2. The Unspoken Secrets

2. The Unspoken Secrets

  • Discover the biggest secret of a wide vibrato
  • Learn the 3 best finger motions to teach your students
  • Find out 3 reasons why pinky vibrato is so hard
  • Learn how to get a better vibrato on the G string
  • Get a complete list of vibrato motions in a single book
  • Uncover vibrato motion secrets that are 200 years old

If you are willing to practice, then this book series will show you exactly what to do to develop a beautiful wide vibrato.

Grab your copy now and start discovering The Unspoken Secrets of vibrato motion, within minutes...

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