Vibrato Book Series 3 The Ruler Exercises

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Want to make a beautiful wide vibrato?

This book shows you how...with a fresh new training system for teaching vibrato motions.

Students struggle with simultaneous problems when learning vibrato. They struggle with unstable violins, unfamiliar hand motions, muscles that get tired out, and with other problems too.

All at the same time. And that makes learning vibrato harder than it needs to be.

But this training program shows you how to isolate and train one muscle movement at a time. That makes learning a lot easier. And it gives you a steady feeling of progress too. You can combine learned movements together in a low-stress learning path.

See for yourself. At the end of the training program, you should have a nice vibrato.

Revealed for the first time, in the first and only book series totally devoted to violin vibrato.

3. The Ruler Exercises

3. The Ruler Exercises

  • Build a simple training device that anyone can afford
  • Learn the 3 best exercises to teach your students
  • Find out how to isolate and train each vibrato motion
  • Train 4 fingers on 4 strings for a consistent vibrato
  • Master wrist vibrato motion the easy way
  • Get a complete list of vibrato exercises in a single book
  • Try out the newest way of teaching vibrato in 200 years

If you are willing to practice, then this book series will show you exactly what to do to develop a beautiful wide vibrato.

Grab your copy now and try out the new Ruler Exercises training systemwithin minutes...

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