My Violin Story

I write this true story in the 63rd year of my life, 22 years after the events that I describe in the story below. The memories are burned into my mind to this very day. They are utterly unforgettable.

I confess I still do not understand them, or how such things can even be possible in life. And yet they were. The events happened, just as I have recorded them below.

1. My First Violin Sound. The story of how I met my first real violin in person, and of the surprising tears that followed.

2. My First Violin Lesson, and The Little Girl. The story of my first lesson, and of the idea that  "You either have it, or you don't."

3. Testing High-End Violins. The story of a magical, intense Saturday afternoon in a little violin shop on the side of the TransCanada Highway.

4. An Old and Broken Violin. The story of an old and broken violin that was restored to greatness.

5. Interlude. The Touch of the Master's Hand. An old, and touching poem by Myra Brooks Welch.

6. Upgrading My Student Violin. The story of how I became part of a new triplet of violin, bow, and player.

John Friedrich 1904

John Friedrich 1904

7. Selling My Violin. The story of my 22 year break from playing violin, and the strange events that added another poetic twist to my violin story.