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Are You Struggling with These Problems in Vibrato?

This book shows you how to fix them. All 45+ of them.

When I was learning vibrato, I usually struggled with multiple problems at the same time. I had no easy way to look up a problem in a book, read the answer, and then go back to practice with the answer in my mind.

That's why I wrote this book. So other people didn't have to struggle as much as I did. With this book, they can just pick it up and read about an answer to most of the common vibrato problems.

And there are a lot of things to know! See My Vibrato Story for a list of the 15 big problems that I struggled with. And this book shows you 45 things to know for vibrato mastery.

Revealed for the first time, in the first and only book series totally devoted to violin vibrato.

4. Solving Problems

4. Solving Problems

  • Solve the 3 most common vibrato problems
  • Find out how to maximize the width of your vibrato
  • Stop your violin from pulling away from your neck
  • Stop your fingers from climbing up the fingerboard
  • Stop your violin from shaking so much
  • Teach your pinky how to do vibrato too
  • Get a complete list of vibrato solutions in a single book
  • Solve vibrato problems that are 200 years old

If you are willing to practice, and have normal flexibility, this book series will show you exactly what to do for a beautiful wide vibrato.

Grab your copy now and start Solving Vibrato Problems with good answers, within minutes...‚Äč

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