Violin Vibrato Coach Books

Discover the Unspoken Secrets of Beautiful Vibrato

The only book series totally devoted to explaining the motions of beautiful vibratos. 

If you are willing to practice, and if you have normal hands, with normal flexibility, you can play a beautiful wide vibrato too. You can start learning vibrato immediately. It's never too early to learn how to make a beautiful vibrato. It won't hurt your playing or other lessons, if you are reasonable about it.

It took me 3 months to get a decent vibrato, but I practiced very hard. I wasted time and effort, because I had no books to guide me.  But these books can guide you. Read them, and you won't waste as much time as I did, practicing the wrong things.

These books will teach you The Unspoken Secrets of all vibrato motions, a fresh new training system of focused practice exercises, and How to Solve Your Vibrato Problems.

Read these books and you will understand vibrato better than you ever have before.

1. My Violin Story

1. My Violin Story

Book 1 - My Violin Story

Book 1 is the true story of how I met my first real violin, of the mysterious power Meditation had over my soul and tears, and of where my 1904 Gold Medal violin ended up 22 years later. This emotional story connected me to violins forever. 

  • How I Was First Transfixed by a Violin Sound
  • The Meditation - My First Tears, and Being Split In Two
  • The Violin Shop - 3 Hours of Tears, and The Amati
  • My Teacher and The Little Girl
  • 22 Years Later - Selling My Treasured Violin
  • A Final, Unexpected Twist in the Story
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2. The Unspoken Secrets

2. The Unspoken Secrets

Book 2 - The Unspoken Secrets of Vibrato

Book 2 is the first complete explanation of the unspoken secrets of vibrato motion. It explains all the hand and finger motions that make a beautiful wide vibrato. Now you can learn them too.

  • Explains How Vibratos Actually Work
  • The 2 Motors of Vibrato
  • The 3 Types of Vibrato
  • The 4 Finger Movements of Vibrato
  • The Hand and Finger Angles of Vibrato
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3. The Ruler Exercises

3. The Ruler Exercises

Book 3 - The Ruler Exercises

Book 3 teaches you a fresh new training system for creating beautiful wide vibratos. It uses the concepts and motions from Book 2, The Unspoken Secrets. Anyone with normal flexibility can learn these exercises.

  • A New and Effective System
  • For Students of All Ages and Abilities
  • Steps Are Easy To Follow
  • Steps Tell You Exactly What To Do
  • You Can Create A Beautiful Wide Vibrato Too
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4. Solving Problems

4. Solving Problems

Book 4 - Solving Vibrato Problems

Book 4 teaches you how to recognize, analyze, practice, and solve your vibrato problems. It uses the concepts and motions from Book 2, The Unspoken Secrets, and from Book 3, The Ruler Exercises. This book is the last piece that you need to solve your frustrations with learning vibrato.

  • Violin Pulls Away From Neck
  • Violin Shakes Too Much and Bounces the Bow
  • Vibrato Not Wide Enough, Not Slow Enough
  • Fingertip Knuckles Not Flexible Enough
  • Muscles Get Sore with Stress and Tension
  • Vibratos on G & D Strings are Difficult
  • Pinky Vibrato is Hopeless
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