Violin Vibrato Video Course

A video course is the fastest way to learn vibrato because:

  • You can easily see the dynamic movements
  • You can easily hear my voice
  • You can easily hear vibrato sounds
  • Video is a better, faster way to learn compared to silent books

Video Course Plan

The video course is not available yet. I would like to know if people are interested in a video course before I invest the months of effort to produce it.

Here is what I plan for the course, so that you have a bit more information​ about it. Please add your name to the interest list if you want to take the course.

Goals of the Course
  • Teach you how to understand vibrato (The Unspoken Secrets)
  • Teach you the proper motions of vibrato (The Ruler Exercises)
  • Teach you how to troubleshoot your vibrato (Solving Problems)
  • All from an easy-to-understand physics perspective
  • So you can develop and train your vibrato at your own pace
  • Without wasting time and effort
  • Without the frustration of slow progress
Course Content
  • Everything that I teach in The Unspoken Secrets book
  • Everything that I teach in The Ruler Exercises book.
  • Everything that I teach in the Solving Problems book.
  • About 100 video modules, by my estimates below:
  • An estimated 39 topics from The Unspoken Secrets
  • An estimated 30 topics from The Ruler Exercises
  • An estimated 45 topics from Solving Problems
  • Maybe fewer videos if I combine topics into longer videos
  • Probably 5 - 10 hours of video instruction
  • Similar to 10 or 20 half-hour personal lessons
  • Delivery over the Internet (by a professional course delivery website)
  • Lifetime access to the video course
  • Support for your questions
Are You Interested?

If you would like to take a course like that, please let me know.

Click the button below to join the video course interest list.

Wishing you a beautiful wide vibrato, ​