Violin Vibrato Email Interest Lists

1. Want to Know When New Books Arrive?

I'm still writing the vibrato books. So far, they all have a good table of contents and lots of notes in each book section.

But I still need more writing time to teach you the motions of beautiful vibratos. I want the books to be the best that I can make them, and that takes some time.

To get general news and product updates from Violin Vibrato Coach, including when each new book is available, please add your email to the General Interest list below. Thank you.‚Äč

2. Interested in a Video Course to Learn Vibrato?

Would you rather learn vibrato from videos instead of books?

Different people prefer different learning styles.

  • Some prefer to learn from text (books).
  • Some prefer to learn from videos (motion + sound).
  • Some prefer personal coaching lessons (human interaction).

Everyone knows that videos can show motion and sounds that books cannot. And everyone knows that personal coaching can detect and correct motions that videos cannot. Each learning method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Before I invest months of effort in making a video course on vibrato, I would like to know how many people are interested in a video course.

If you are interested in a comprehensive video course on vibrato, please add your email to the video course interest list below. The list size will tell me how many people are interested.

3. Interested in Personal Coaching to Improve Your Vibrato?

If you are interested in a personal coaching program, please add your email to the coaching list below. The list size will tell me how many people are interested. 

Your emails are safe with me. I will send you updates for the products that you are interested in.

Thank you.