Violin Vibrato Media Kit Page

This Violin Vibrato Media Kit contains rapid-access summary information about the author and the Violin Vibrato Coach project. Contact the author through the contact page or at the email address inside the media kit.

Media Kit PDF

Download a complete media kit PDF here. It contains:

  • Short and Long Author Bios, and Author Image
  • Contact Information
  • The Author's Origin Story
  • Suggested Interview Questions, with Written Answers for Quoting
  • An Example Feature Article
  • A Press Release
  • An Excerpt from Book 1, My Violin Story
  • A Summary Sheet for Book 2, The Unspoken Secrets


What appealed to me most about My Violin Story was that I was learning about the author's passion for the topic before I learned anything about vibrato. That compelled me to read on. I really enjoyed the stories and the quality of the writing. The bonus was that I also learned about how difficult it is to create a good vibrato.

Dr. Peggy Howard, PhD,
Author of  Understanding Loss and Grief for Women

Kevin is one of those rare individuals who has the soul of a musician, the mind of an engineer, and the heart of a teacher. As a consummate musician, he understands what it takes to get the right sound from a violin. As an analytical engineer, he can break down and quantify the musculoskeletal mechanics of beautiful vibrato. And as a dedicated teacher, he knows how to present the information so that anyone can understand it.

Dr. John Cockman, PhD (Physics) 
Master Fiddle Teacher @