Violin Vibrato Problem Summary

45 Steps to Vibrato Mastery...

Struggling with your vibrato? Here are 45 topics to know for vibrato mastery.

Just look at the size of the list below. It's no wonder that people struggle with vibrato. It's a complex motion that has many simultaneous challenges to overcome.

Fortunately, this website can help you. It can teach you an easier way.

Basic Vibrato Knowledge

These are the basic concepts that you need to understand to master vibrato. Knowing these concepts will give you mental targets for knowing exactly how to move your hands for a nice vibrato.

  • Knowing how and why vibrato works.
  • Knowing the goals of the vibrato game.
  • Knowing the moving parts of vibrato.
  • Knowing the 2 motors of vibrato.
  • Knowing the 4 finger motions of vibrato.
  • Knowing the 3 types of vibrato motion.
  • Knowing the 3D motions of the hand for each of the 3 types.
Metronomes and Vibrato Speeds

These topics are about how to use a metronome effectively in learning vibrato.

  • Knowing how to count vibrato.
  • Knowing effective metronome speeds for practicing vibrato.
  • Knowing effective metronome subdivisions for practicing vibrato.
  • Knowing how to synchronize hand motions with the metronome.
  • Knowing how to practice a range of slow and fast vibratos most easily.
  • Knowing effective vibrato speeds for playing music.
Basic Hand and Finger Motions

These topics are about the basic wrist, hand, and finger motions of vibrato.

  • Knowing exercises for sliding fingers on the strings.
  • Knowing exercises for moving each finger on each note.
  • Knowing exercises for each one of the main vibrato motions.
  • Knowing why the first finger is special in several ways.
  • Knowing why the second finger is special in several ways.
  • Knowing why the third finger is special in several ways.
  • Knowing why the pinky finger is special in many ways.
  • Knowing how to isolate and practice vibrato motions separately.
Violin and Force Problems

These topics are about applying too much force in the wrong directions.

  • Knowing why the violin pulls away from your neck.
  • Knowing why your fingers climb up the fingerboard.
  • Knowing why the violin shakes too much and bounces the bow.
Wrist, Fingers, Angles, and Notes

These topics are about the delicate motions of vibrato. These fine motions must be mastered to make a nice 4x4 vibrato pattern with 4 fingers on 4 strings.

  • Knowing why each finger is different.
  • Knowing how angles and motions affect each finger.
  • Knowing exactly what to do about angles and fingers.
  • Knowing the 3 vibrato areas of the fingerboard in 1st position.
  • Knowing good strategies for each area of the fingerboard.
Vibrato Sound Control

These topics are about the sound of your vibrato. Many underlying causes influence the sound. Each different cause requires its own solution. A small change in mental understanding, and in physical motions, can have a big effect on vibrato sounds.

  • Knowing exercises for a jerky and uneven vibrato.
  • Knowing exercises for a vibrato that doesn't fire on time.
  • Knowing how to practice vibrato with 4 fingers on 4 strings.
  • Knowing why deep cradle vibrato motions are so easy to do.
  • Knowing how to make a narrow vibrato wider.
  • Knowing how to make a fast vibrato slower.
  • Knowing why wide vibratos occur below the center pitch.
  • Knowing how to fix a vibrato where the wrist is flopping.
  • Knowing how to close the gap between low and high vibrato speeds.
  • Knowing how to fix difficult vibratos on the low Ab note.
  • Knowing how to fix difficult vibratos on the whole G string.
Daily Vibrato Practice - The Road to Success

These topics are about efficient and effective daily vibrato practice routines. If you have the right knowledge, and the right practice routines​, you can get a nice vibrato faster, with far less wasted effort and frustration.

  • Knowing effective daily warm up exercises.
  • Knowing effective vibrato practice exercises.
  • Knowing effective vibrato practice speeds.
  • Knowing effective vibrato practice songs.
  • Knowing how to practice with and without the bow.
  • Knowing how to practice independent vibrato motions and bow strokes.
  • Knowing how to avoid stress pains from overuse of vibrato muscles.
  • Knowing the best little song that puts all of your vibrato skills to work.
The ​Violin Vibrato Problem

I was surprised at the size of this list—45 topics or more. But I had to solve all of them in order to play a consistent vibrato in a 4x4 way, as shown in the video here. (From a slow 30 bpm to a fast 103 bpm.)

If you have normal flexibility, and are willing to practice, I can show you how to get a nice 4x4 vibrato for yourself.

I will increase your understanding of vibrato, so that you can work on your fingers to get a nice vibrato.

What's the alternative? Continue to struggle with motions that don't work, until maybe you discover a motion that does work? That's how most students do it. And then repeat the almost-random process for each finger on each note of the fingerboard?

That's a long and frustrating struggle. I know because I went through most of it.

But there's a better way for you.

Just choose your preferred learning style from the home page of the website. Then you can start to discover things about your vibrato that you didn't know before, all within minutes of taking action